What we know about advertising effectively

Advertising is a blend of art and science and it grows businesses, but how? We bring together what we know about advertising effectiveness from research around the globe, including our own experience working with local brands on sponsorships.
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At Powered by Nine, we not only help you bring your big advertising ideas to life, we can help you prove to your boss that it works! Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few happy customers who have worked with us.

Effectiveness in Action:

In partnership with Gemba Insights, we provide you with the tools to easily communicate your campaign success back to your business leaders, helping you ensure that marketing is seen as a tangible investment that drives real business outcomes.

We can help you prove:

  • How your brand performed at building awareness and sponsorship recall
  • What message did your partnership deliver and did it aid consumer perception
  • What was the lasting impact of the partnership, and whether it changed peoples willingness or consideration to purchase

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Effectiveness - the language of the boardroom

How do senior marketers build internal trust to pursue brand growth whilst delivering against short-term goals? What is the best approach for bringing together audience data, sales results and measurement when looking back at past campaigns and planning for the future?