We all know the power of in-content brand integration, but what happens when you continue that association long after the credits have rolled, or the segment has run? It’s a highly powerful thing we like to call outer-gration.

Drawing upon the halo effect of the intellectual property of a show, brand and/or talent, Powered by Nine’s outer-gration packages enable brand partners to amplify a brand’s association across paid, owed and earned media – adding some serious grunt and exposure to an already powerful marketing plan.

In combination with integration and media inventory, outer-gration delivers the multiplier effect and increased ROI.

Check out the latest and greatest outer-gration campaigns we have delivered for our brand partners.

Want to know more about the power of brand integration and outer-gration?

Watch our Powered session, ‘The Holy Trinity of Content Integration’, where Director of Content Partnerships, Sarah Stewart, explores how to achieve a perfectly balanced brand partnership, alongside the creative forces behind Nine’s content and some of Australia’s leading marketers.