What we Did

Harness the power of the 2020 Australian Open tennis Grand Slam tournament to deliver an event moment for KIA’s newest SUV range, the Seltos.


Unprompted Sponsorship Awareness


Awareness of KIA vs 54% in 2019

Prompted Sponsorship Awareness


Awareness of KIA vs 67% in 2019

Seltos Model Awareness

Pre Wave 8%
In Campaign 13%

Brand Consideration

Pre Wave 10%
In Campaign 14%

Brand Perceptions

Good Value +5
Performance +4
Trustworthy +4
Modern +2

KIA makes innovative cars(Top 2 box)

Pre Wave 48%
In Campaign 54%

"Our partnership with Nine enabled us to reach a maximum audience and actually do that across multiple touch points."

— Dean Norbiato, KIA General Manager Marketing