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May 11  21, 2021Live & Virtual SessionsFree to join

The Big Ideas Store by Powered by Nine is back for 2021, with an action-packed two-week schedule of live and virtual events delivered by big thinkers, discussing big ideas and the topics challenging marketers and creatives right now.

Here are just a few of the marketing, media and content masterminds who will share their secrets to success at The Big Ideas Store:

What's on


Cultural conversation  the new roaring 20s

History dictates that highly disruptive global events such as wars and pandemics are followed within a matter of years by a “celebration of life”. Within just a few years, optimism is predicted to define post-COVID society in Australia...

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Tuesday May 113.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Branded Content Strategy: The allure of long form

Long-form storytelling is once again emerging as a key element in many brands’ content strategy. But who is best-placed to bring that content to life – the marketers who live and breathe their brand and its message, or the media owners who create content with the audience front-of-mind?...

WEDNESDAY MAY 123.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Effectiveness - the language of the boardroom

How do senior marketers build internal trust to pursue brand growth whilst delivering against short-term goals? What is the best approach for bringing together audience data, sales results and measurement when looking back at past campaigns and planning for the future?...

Thursday May 1311am-12pm AEST

The new commercial imperative: Doing well + doing good

The pandemic has given many companies the opportunity to reset and rebuild aspects of their businesses on stronger foundations for the future. Those taking the lead are defining and measuring their sustainability and societal impact. Beyond doing no harm, they are actively setting out to do good. Is there a rise in conscious consumption and are we holding companies and brands to account?...

Thursday May 133.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Surround Sound: Audio Evolution

What is it about audio that connects so deeply with audiences in the 21st century, and how can the platform continue to innovate? A panel of audio evangelists will debate the latest developments in the space, as well as exploring why audio formats are such powerful vehicles for brands to reach consumers and drive real results...

Friday May 1410.30am-12pm AEST Virtual only event

Culture Shock: Cannabusiness

For the last century, the communications around cannabis have been centred on its destructive effects. However, there is an undercurrent of change that’s closer to our shores than you may think. Australia is now the fastest growing medicinal cannabis market in the world and decriminalisation is building momentum. With the regulatory landscape moving at pace and multi-billion-dollar acquisitions taking place across the world, cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries globally…and it’s a matter of time before it comes down under...

Monday May 1711am-12pm AEST

The changing Australian dream

For many of us our homes have become even more central to our lives: our workplace, school, and place of safety. What does that mean for how and where we choose to live? How do different generations feel about investing in property? And is it time to accept that for some, home ownership is a dream that will never come true?...

Monday May 173.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Cookies crumbled: Data and advertising beyond 3rd party cookies

With major changes to data and privacy regulations on the horizon, advertisers are facing targeting and measurement headwinds which they have never had to navigate before. Join Powered by Nine as we uncover what the new world will look like without third party cookies, the impact for brands and explore data-led advertising solutions that will be available when third party cookies cease being supported...

Tuesday May 1810.30am-11.30am AEST

Culture club: Creating a culture of creativity and innovation in the hybrid workplace

Marketing & advertising businesses have always thrived on a creative culture and passionate workforce. Collaboration and big ideas came off the back of brainstorms, impromptu or planned, and careers were built from networks made in those formative years. Then along came COVID and the impromptu kitchen table workforce: one defined by Zoom calls, sweatpants and flexible work. As a new normal descends, there is a reluctance to return to the “before” in order to not lose the “new wins". But will it cost in the creativity, careers and office culture stakes?...

Tuesday May 183.30pm-4.30pm AEST

Neighbourhood watch  is local the new global?

For some time now, unifying moments of disruption – such as the 2019 bushfires and 2020’s pandemic – have accelerated the hold that local identity has on our culture. More than ever before, we have adapted to “living local”, we have travelled closer to home, and our inclination to support brands and businesses that align to community values has increased significantly...

Wednesday May 193.30-4.30pm AEST

Placing big creative bets

For brands trying to navigate testing times and a disruptive environment, it can be tempting to play it safe. There is, however, evidence to suggest that those brands who were prepared to take risks and innovate have emerged from the COVID era in a stronger position. Our panel will look back on the brands and campaigns that delivered, and explore the power of placing creative bets...

Thursday May 2011.30am-12.30pm

Unboxing Christmas 2021

Unboxing Christmas 2021 will look ahead to the trends in retail, food and culture which will influence our purchasing decisions during the festive season. Powered will also reflect on the dominant marketing messages of last year, revealing the advertising approaches which delivered the most effective results for brands...

Thursday May 204.30pm-5.30pm AEST

The great debate  does advertising lead culture, or is advertising led by culture?

Great advertising can open our eyes to new products, new categories and new ways of living. Catchphrases and taglines become so embedded in everyday conversations that we sometimes forget where they came from. But does advertising really hold sway over our culture, or is it cynically raiding the zeitgeist and exploiting the human experience for commercial ends?...